AMCP Policy and Advocacy Focus Areas for 2019

Shift From Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Care 

The Rising Cost of Medication 

Advancing Managed Care Strategies 


Each year, AMCP’s Board of Directors establishes the policy and advocacy focus areas for the Academy. Those areas then become the primary focus of AMCP’s advocacy efforts. They are developed during a joint meeting of the Public Policy Committee and the Legislative and Regulatory Action Committee (LRAC) held during NEXUS. At that meeting, Committee members review the results of the annual member survey and discuss relevant legislative and regulatory actions that impact managed care pharmacy. After careful consideration they develop recommendations which are then reviewed by the Board and a final decision is made. 

AMCP staff and committee members will focus on strategies where AMCP can be most effective in these targeted focus areas. Increasing your participation in response to grassroots alerts is your opportunity to participate in those efforts. Your participation is a necessary key element of AMCP’s overall efforts to continue to ensure that the voice of managed care pharmacy is heard.  

Please join us for a webinar to learn more about these advocacy and focus areas: 


AMCP Policy Issue Positions

With the help of AMCP’s Professional Practice Committee and the Public Policy Committee, AMCP has taken positions on a wide variety of issues effecting managed care pharmacy. AMCP Position statements are found in a variety of formats:  

Concepts in Managed Care Pharmacy

These are written to explain managed care pharmacy terms in plain English, and clearly and concisely describe how these concepts are implemented in the managed care setting. 


Policy Digest

Short statements that document AMCP's position on professional practice issues.  

Where We Stand Position Statements

This series includes the more detailed position statements that AMCP has taken over the years on a wide range of managed care pharmacy topics. 

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