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Biosimilars CIC 

Biosimilars represent an opportunity to bend the cost curve for specialty drugs. AMCP believes the public and health care community’s adoption of biosimilars will be enhanced if we can assure them that biosimilars are being actively monitored for safety and effectiveness. 

Managed care organizations have devoted significant resources to develop an infrastructure that makes possible active surveillance of biosimilars in distributed research networks (DRNs). AMCP plans to marshal these resources for the important public health benefit inherit in monitoring biosimilar safety and effectiveness, using ongoing sequential analyses to compare biosimilars to their innovator product. 

Below are links describing the science behind data consortiums, and why AMCP is engaging data consortium, managed care specialty drug experts, researchers and industry in our launch of the AMCP Biosimilars Collective Intelligence consortium before the first biosimilars hit the market.


AMCP Biosimilars Collective Intelligence Task Force

Click here for Defining Biosimilars and Their Effect on Healthcare: Anticipated Complications, Possible Solutions, and the Need for Pharmacovigilance presentation by Steve Miller, MD.

Click here for Biosimilar Collective Intelligence System: Utilizing Data Consortiums to Prove Safety and Effectiveness of Biosimilars presentation by Jeffrey Brown, PhD.

Click here for The EDM Forum Approach to Overcome Traditional Barriers in Using Electronic Data Sources for CER and QI presentation by Gurvaneet Randhawa, MD, MPH.


Online Events

Click here to view AMCP's March 10, 2014, Webinar titled Biosimilars Surveillance: Applying the Science of Proven Data Consortium Models. 


Other Presentations on Biosimilars Collective Intelligence

Click here to view AMCP's presentation AMCP Biosimilars Collective Intelligence given at the GPhA Annual Meeting in February 2014. 


AMCP Task Force Report on Biosimilar Collective Intelligence Systems

January 2015 - Utilizing Data Consortia to Monitor Safety and Effectiveness of Biosimilars and Their Innovator Products 


Data Consortiums

Click here for Data Consortiums: Answering Tomorrow’s Questions Today presentation by Diana Brixner, PhD.


Biosimilars Legislation

Click here to view legislation, including legislation on biosimilars, that AMCP's staff is currently tracking.


Resources & News

Click here to view the AMCP press release announcing the launch of the Biosimilars Task Force.

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