AMCP Brand Revitalization Reflects Forward-Thinking Approach



 AMCP: Optimizing Medicine. Improving Lives. That’s the message of AMCP’s revitalized brand and logo, which were unveiled last week at the General Session of the Annual Meeting 2019 in San Diego, California. Immediate Past President Mitzi Wasik explained the development of the revised brand, noting that AMCP leadership and staff spent the past year re-examining what AMCP stands for and how the organization can better communicate its value as members of health care delivery teams.

Our story starts with AMCP’s commitment to provide exceptional professional experiences for our members, grow the organization and increase awareness of the vital role managed care professionals play, Wasik added. That role focuses on improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of medications and improving the lives of more than 270 million Americans.

The branding effort included a significant investment in market research, which had AMCP connect with hundreds of AMCP members to better understand what they value about AMCP, and how the organization should position itself in today’s rapidly-changing health care market. AMCP learned in the research that members feel a strong affinity with AMCP and realize value in three primary pillars: 

  • First, Connectivity: Members greatly value building enduring relationships with other managed care pharmacy professionals and decision makers from across health care disciplines and systems.
  • Second, Knowledge: Members valued the fact that AMCP supports their ongoing professional development and provides high-quality and timely education, research, training and credentialing resources.
  • Third, Advocacy: Members believe that AMCP can do even more to help make clear the value of managed care pharmacy in ensuring that America’s health care remains cost-effective.

As we dug deeper into the data, we found that members look to AMCP to help external audiences understand what we do and why it is relevant and essential today, Wasik said. Building on the research, AMCP worked with the board and staff to craft a new way of talking about AMCP that makes clear what managed care pharmacy professionals do, what we believe and why it matters.

The effort resulted in example of a new simplified way of telling our story that speaks to our role and impact and also connects more emotionally with broader audiences. When someone asks you, “What does AMCP do?,” here’s what you might say: We're the people who help patients get the medications they need at a cost they can afford.

“The board and leadership of AMCP think this way of telling our story helps people understand not just what we do-- but why it matters,” Wasik said. “Our commitment to science and integrity informs our collective contribution and our true impact on millions of lives. And it is this impact that resonated with all of us who helped steward the brand effort. The AMCP brand elevates our voice and engages broader audiences.”

Finally, the board decided not to change the AMCP name, but rather simplifying it. “Going forward, we will be known as ‘AMCP,’” Wasik said. “We have a new logo and succinct tagline that speaks to who we are and the unique value we provide.”