Volunteer Opportunities

There are numerous ways to become more involved with AMCP and the AMCP Foundation – whether it is an ongoing commitment such as committee service or a time limited opportunity such as moderating an educational session at an AMCP meeting.

Affiliates – AMCP Affiliates are AMCP members who have formed a local, state or regional organization that focus grassroots effort on the support of managed care pharmacy. AMCP currently has seven affiliates around the country and are entirely volunteer run. For more information on volunteering with an AMCP Affiliate, contact the Affiliate’s board members directly. For more information on AMCP Affiliates, click here.

Board of Canvassers – The role of the Board of Canvassers is to certify the election results for official AMCP elections and Bylaws changes that occurs every February. The Board of Canvassers is comprised of two Active (pharmacist, physician, or nurse) members. If you are interested in serving, please email  korem@amcp.org.

Board of Directors – The AMCP Board of Directors establishes the Academy’s direction on a wide range of issues, including legislative and regulatory positions, membership initiatives and strategic planning. The Board is comprised of a President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer and five directors. Nominations for the board are due in early September of each year and elections take place in November. For more information, click here.

Committees – The committees of AMCP are the building blocks of the organization. Committees cover a wide variety of areas – from Educational Affairs to Professional Practice. Committee Service is a minimum of one year. The Call for Committee Members is sent to all AMCP members in September of each year. For more information on the different AMCP committees, click here.

Diplomats – AMCP Diplomats are members who volunteer to work with schools/colleges of pharmacy as a resource on managed care pharmacy. Diplomats work to raise faculty awareness of AMCP; expose students to career opportunities in managed care and enhance communications between the schools and local AMCP members. For more information on the Diplomat program, including a list of current Diplomats, click here.

Foundation Opportunities – Give the gift of volunteering! The AMCP Foundation has numerous opportunities to volunteer including poster mentor and judges, P&T competition judges and more. For more information, click here.

JMCP Peer Review and Author – JMCP, AMCP’s award winning peer reviewed journal, has several opportunities for members to become involved. Members may submit a manuscript or a letter to the editor for consideration. Individuals may also want to consider becoming a peer reviewer. For more information on becoming an author, click here. For information on becoming a reviewer, click here.

National Meetings – AMCP national meetings are the premier educational events of the managed care pharmacy industry. Individuals can submit a proposal through AMCP’s call for proposals, volunteer to moderate a session or work in the AMCP booth! For more information on volunteering at an AMCP national meeting, click here.

State Advocacy Coordinators (S.A.C.) – This programs goal is to develop a national grassroots network of AMCP members who monitor state legislation and advocate on behalf of AMCP at the state level as necessary. The S.A.C. also encourages AMCP members in their state to respond to AMCP Action Alerts and contact their elected officials on issues that impact the profession.  AMCP’s goal is to have at least one State Advocacy Coordinator in each state. For more information, click here.

Visionaries – AMCP Visionaries are members who share with their colleagues and peers the benefits and value of AMCP membership and managed care pharmacy. Members who commit to making a difference are recognized by AMCP as a Visionary. For more information on the Visionary program, including a list of current Visionaries, click here.

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